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Long-Term Care After a Dental Implant

By on Oct 6, 2017 in Blog |

Long-Term Care After a Dental Implant

You want your dental implants to last longer and avoid any dental issues or complications after the procedure. Usually, proper care of your dental implants will begin even before having the procedure. You need to ensure that you promote good oral health so that the implant is successful. Your gums should be firm and bright pink without redness or inflammation. That said, your post-implant period is equally as important as the pre-implant period. So, what are the long-term dental implant care tips you should observe?

The Toothpaste
Obviously, you want to brush your mouth, but this time, you have something not typical as you would find with a normal mouth. You have the implants in there and these are made of materials that can deteriorate if not cared for. You will find that not all toothpaste is going to work for you when you have implants. Use low abrasive toothpaste and avoid those that contain stain removers, baking soda, and sodium fluoride because they may erode the surface of the implant.

Use Implant-Friendly Floss
Flossing is crucial as it removes food particles and plaque – responsible for promoting the growth of bacteria, which release acids causing damage to the enamel. If you don’t floss, your enamel and probably the implants may be eroded by the acids. But you want to be careful when flossing. Use implant-specific floss or the unwaxed floss. If you have multiple implants, you may need a threader. Water flossers may be needed if the implants are in hard to reach parts of the mouth.

Regular Checkups
Your dentist will need to monitor the implants and see that they are functioning properly and the surrounding gum tissue is healthy. So make follow-ups with the dentist. You may want to do visual inspections and when you notice something unusual like swelling or redness or irritation, you call your dentist.

Having dental implants offers you a safe, permanent method of replacing missing teeth. If you want them to last longer, you should follow the above tips and any other information the dentist provides you with. Restore your smile today with Institute of Mega Implants.